Best ways to learn React.js

April 7, 2016

React.js is definitely the most popular JavaScript framework these days. I’ve spent a good amount of time using a lot of different resources to learn it and I thought it would be cool to share those with you!


Price – $19.99 per month

Description – is an awesome video training site that offers a lot more than just React.js videos. They offer quite a few courses for free but their premium courses cover all things React. One of the unique offerings at Egghead is the (free) course on Redux by Dan Abramov.



Price – $39 per month

Description – has a unique take on video learning sites. Instead of the traditional screencast approach, Frontend Masters brings industry leaders out to their recording studio for a live, full day workshop. This means that for $39 a month, you get access to high quality workshops from all sorts of great developers! They only have one React video right now ( from one of the creators of React Router ) but a little birdie told me a brand new one is on the way!

ReactJS Program


Price – Free for the fundamentals. Each extra course costs around $200.

Description – ReactJS Program is a brand new site launched by Tyler McGinnis that takes a project based, linear approach to teaching. That is to say you get a text and video version of each tutorial and each video / post builds on top of the last one while you get to build practical projects!

React For Beginners


Price – $47

Description – React For Beginners is truly a great resource, especially if you are in fact a beginner! Wes has years of experience teaching and it really shows as he takes a gentle and thoughtful approach to the entire ecosystem.

The Official React Documentation


Price – Free

Description – I’m not normally the kind of person who learns well from reading raw documentation. However, I have to say that the React.js team really did a splendid job with their docs! Spend some time on their official documentation page, I promise it’ll be worth it!

I hope that helps! Good luck on your journey to learning React.js!