RxJS Contributor Days

February 6, 2017

This week I had the privilege of attending RxJS contributor days. It was a day long event attended by core contributors as well as companies using RxJS like Slack, Google, Facebook and Netflix.

ReactiveX Website

While there is going to be an awesome video detailing all the cool stuff that happened that day I thought I’d put together a list of cool resources I learned about.

First are the Github pages for RxJS version 4 and RxJS version 5. I hadn’t actually visited the version 5 repo before the contributor days but it’s where all the new development is happening!

What are Observables

The first big topic of discussion was around awareness of what RxJS is. Ultimately, this came down to understanding the core data structure that the library provides — Observables.

It might be easiest to understand them through the TC39 proposal but essentially they are a JavaScript data type that are great at dealing with asynchronous streams of data. It’s cool if you think about being able to map/filter/reduce over “streams” of data whether they be DOM events or API calls.

We talked a lot about alternative tools and I discovered this cool documentation site about Promises and a great discussion on Github about adding cancellation (abort) to the fetch proposal.


The next thing that was cool was discovering the documentation site around RxJS. They have a great intro and are linked to the http://reactivex.io/ sites for all the other brands of Rx (it’s not just for JavaScript!).

Also I discovered this awesome introductory post The introduction to Reactive Programming you’ve been missing which eventually led me to check out this cool UI framework called Cycle.js which applies a lot of the same techniques for UI rendering.


It was cool to hear about some competing libraries and we spent a good amount of time talking about Most.js.

RxJS Marble Diagram

The last things I wanted to share were this cool project that shows draggable marble diagrams for all the RxJS operators and this great list of tutorials for all types of Rx libraries!